• ARS Film Productions, Film Production, Television Production, ARS Production Company, ARS Productions Vancouver
  • ARS Film Productions, Film Production, Television Production, ARS Production Company, ARS Productions Vancouver
  • ARS Film Productions, Film Production, Television Production, ARS Production Company, ARS Productions Vancouver
  • ARS Film Productions, Film Production, Television Production, ARS Production Company, ARS Productions Vancouver
  • ARS Film Productions, Film Production, Television Production, ARS Production Company, ARS Productions Vancouver
  • ARS Film Productions, Film Production, Television Production, ARS Production Company, ARS Productions Vancouver

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We deliver the creativity and technical expertise to turn your ideas into increased business. We have what it takes to get your ideas across effectively and accurately. With the vast number of media options available today, selecting the right communication tool could be the difference between successfully delivering your message or not. 

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ARS Productions Presents 
"WOODSCREWS " Wood working for Dummies
A Hilarious, New Reality Television Comedy

* We are currently seeking Co-Producers, Investors, Networks, Broadcasters, Distributors for this project.
For more information please Contact Us. info@arsfilmproductions.com

Example Show Outline

 WoodScrews “Lights Out”

Scene 1 (1:00)
It’s a cold day on the Moore Farm. Roger Dowel is standing outside, the cold wind whipping the hair on his little wooden head. He is watching farmer Rick over behind the house who is mysteriously burying something. Kirwan Massey suddenly appears behind Roger and nearly scares the nails out of him. Kirwan says it’s time to go to the barn and start the show. Roger says farmer Rick gives him the heebie-geebies. He just knows that farmer Rick buried his wife years ago – that the rumours are true. NOW who’s he burying? Kirwan isn’t interested. It’s time to get on with the show.

Scene 2 (:30)
Standard show opening

Scene 3 (5:30)
Kirwan gets everyone ready for taping. He has some trouble with Barney the cameraman who was clearly up to late the night before (we never see Barney because he is behind the camera – Kirwan provides his voice). Barneys shot keeps wondering. Finally all is ready And Roger introduces the show and asks woodworker Rick what he is going to make. Rick shows a completed sofa table and then begins the process of making it. Rick lays out the tools needed and shows the materials needed for the various parts of the table. Most have been pre-cut. He shows us how to router a fancy edge on the top, how to mount the pre-made legs, etc. Roger offers his quick witted remarks and comments throughout. At one point Roger glances out the window where Rick the farmer is still digging.

Bumper (:05)

Commercial Break

Scene 4 (:15)
While taping is going on in the barn, farmer Rick continues to dig outside. He hits something hard, looks confused and then goes at it with his spade shovel. There is a sudden bright flash of light and a huge loud BANG!

Scene 5 (:10)
In the barn, all the lights go out. In the blackness everyone shouts. Roger mutters “What the hell?” Barney says “Break Time!”

Scene 6 (:05)
Farmer Rick’s hair is standing straight on end. His face is black and his spade has melted. He hit an underground power cable.

Scene 7 (1:00)
Back in the dark studio there is silence. A cow moos in the distance. Roger is shaken “I wonder what that was?” There is the sound of a door opening someplace but no light. Rick the woodworker says it smells like someone is smoking a cheap cigar. Kirwan shouts for someone to open the barn door. With a creak, the barn door opens and daylight fills the studio. Sitting inches from Roger is a charred, black faced farmer Rick – his hair still smoking. Roger shrieks and leaps into Rick the host’s arms. Rick the farmer offers the group a grudging apology. “Must have hit the power line” he says. Kirwan asks the question everybody is thinking. – what was he burying? Farmer Rick says he is putting in a recycle pit for household waste – “gotta be green!” he says, forcing a crooked smile onto his charred face. He gets up and leaves. Roger doesn’t believe him and mopes while fiddling with Rick the woodworker’s router. 

Kirwan insists that they go on. They have to stay on schedule. Roger says he can’t work in these conditions. Barney insists that they should take a break. Kirwan can’t be swayed. “But Ricks Power tools won’t work now” says Roger. Rick is unflappable. His hand tools will do the job just fine. “I need makeup” Roger says out of the blue. An argument ensues between Roger and Kirwan about why the lack of lighting necessitates makeup and what kind of makeup applies to wood.

Scene 8 (:05)
Outside Rick the farmer hits the master power switch.

Scene 9 (5:25)
The lights bang back on and the router Roger is toying with screams to life – neatly removing his hand. “Blast” says Roger. “There goes my Saturday night!” That’s it. He’s taking a break and walks out carrying his hand…With power restored, Kirwan calls for taping to resume, but the camera shot is static and offcentre.  Barney is obviously asleep at the wheel.  Kirwan has a sharp exchange with the ever invisible and always cantankerous cameraman.  The woodworking continues.  Rick, the woodworker, completes the frame for the table then shows how to fasten the prebought legs.  Kirwan is off to the side looking impatiently at his watch and out the window at Roger’s motorhome. 

Bumper (:05)

Commercial Break

Scene 10 (:30)
Kirwan is in another room talking on his cell phone to his boss, Mr. Morley.  (Kirwan also does Mr. Morley’s voice).  It’s the usual complaint.  Roger is a diva, the set is a barn, and the cameraman is an uncooperative moron.  Mr. Morley comes back with the same arguments as always.  Roger is a Broadway star and you are lucky to have him.  The barn is all they can afford and Barney is a good kid who just needs some nurturing.  I guess you didn’t realize he’s my son and someday he’ll take over for me.  Kirwan tries to bring up Roger’s dressing room again, but Mr. Morley cuts him off saying that he knows half the budget is used to cover Roger’s motorhome, but it keeps the little guy happy and that’s all that matters.  Mr. Morley hangs up.  Kirwan sighs. 

Scene 11 (4:40)
Rick the woodworker shows us how to put everything together to complete the basic table.  He adds some fancy scroll work.  Now for some additional niceties.  He shows us some customized craft accessories that he is going to add to the table.  First there are two ceramic plates that will be glued to the table top, then he adds a fancy backsplash.  Outside, show tunes are blasting from the motorhome. 

Bumper (:05)

Commercial Break

Scene 12 (:30)
Inside Roger’s motorhome, “There’s No Business Like Show Business” is on the stereo.  Roger is relaxing in his dressing gun with a drink and a glue gun.  He has reattached his hand and wiggles it with satisfaction.  Suddenly he looks up.  Rick the farmer is staring in the window.  Their eyes meet and for a moment neither moves.  Then Rick disappears from the window.  

Scene 13 (:10)
Roger looks out the door.  There’s no-one there.  His curiosity gets the better of him and he heads for the dig.

Scene 14 (:20)
Roger stares at the newly dug earth.  Scraps of something are littered about.  Roger is mystified, “Orange peels? Potato chips?”.  Suddenly Rick the farmer is looming over him.  “I’d guess woodchips!” he says.  (violins scream)

Scene 15 (2:40)
In the studio, Rick the woodworker shows us how to glue the ceramic tiles to the table top then glues on the scroll work and backsplash.  Suddenly Roger is right beside him looking around anxiously.  He is so close that Rick keeps hitting him with his elbow.  Roger answers Rick’s queries about how his hand is doing.  In staccato bursts, “Fine” “I’m ok” “No problem” , but it’s clear that Roger is freaked about something.  The table is finished and Rick sets it before the camera in all its glory.  Roger is still glued to his side.  Rick invites him to wrap up the show.  Roger begins to comply when the lights go out again.  Roger screams.  Someone yells “Shut up!”  Everything goes silent.  Roger whimpers, “Kirwan is that you?”  Rick the farmer chuckles.